Wednesday, April 22, 2009

review @ AND [UPDATE x3]

hey there,

my 2.5 update is now available in iTunes

NEW: fgBrowser gets a configuration panel under general settings with following settings:

  • enable / disable Scroll-To-Top feature (tap on the top scrolls to the top of the page)
  • enable / disable Scroll-To-Bottom feature (tap on the bottom scrolls to the bottom of the page)
  • force language of google search (Upon request from Hong Kong)
  • enable / disable "remember last orientation" --> this feature allows you to use fgBrowser as a landscape browser. With this option enabled fgBrowser remembers your last orientation and the autorotation state. After starting fgBrowser a short flashing lock/unlock icon informs you about the current autorotation state (enabled = open lock or disabled = closed lock). (Upon request from Japan. They like to browse always in landscape mode)
  • saving pictures -> double tap on the image to zoom in and press "sleep/wake button" and home button together. You will see a short white flashing of the screen, and your image will be saved under the camera roll (works in every fgBrowser version)
Bugfix: Javascript caused new window links will now also open.

a minor update making the history swipe gestures customize-able is in progress and the possibility to stop loading, by simply touching the loading indicator.
I'm also working on adBlock,Google and URL suggestions, a cache system

Thank you for supporting fgBrowser - the first multitouch fullscreen browser out there.
Spread the word :)

A new Japanese review: Thank you!

if you like to read another fgBrowser review, just look over to ...

Quick Take

Value: High a the current price
Would I Buy Again: Absolutely
Learning Curve: Medium- visit the developer page and become fmailiar with the gestures before you start using it
Who Is It For: People who do a lot of browsing on the iPhone
What I Like: fullscreen, multitouch works well
What I Don’t: requires learning new approach to site navigation, need to be able to tap the screen with various numbers of fingers to browse- would not have been usable in the first months after my wrist surgery

Final Statement: I REALLY like this browser. It is the first 3rd Party browser I will actually use.

thanks for that great review, although you forgot to mention the fast 2 finger up swipe autorotation lock ;)

cya soon, with fresh updates :)


  1. Found fgBrowser through the whatsoniphone review, so I decided to give it a try. I love the full screen and the multi-touch navigation gestures. Very iPhone-ish! BUT - I can't get links that open up new sites to follow through. I click on a link, and it just sits there. Is this a configuration issue or a bug??

  2. Hey Craig,

    there is an issue with sites opened by a javascript window command. I've fixed this already, but as every update has to be approved by apple, it may take some time...

    thank you for your feedback!