Tuesday, April 7, 2009

fgB Private - private room web browser

This is the first PRIVATE FULLSCREEN and GESTURE based browser exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The whole internet just a flick with your finger away. LAUNCH - PROMO!

Stay always private. Just press the home button. All traces are wiped out immediately!!!!
You have the ability to set bookmarks with those cute little icons (FAVICON), a default homepage and much more!

fgBrowser supports many different kind of gestures to give you the control over your browser. To get started touch your screen with 3 fingers at once... This brings your bookmark and search and url screen up immediately...

Don't waste the space. Use every inch of your display and gain about 40% more visible space of your website.

One of the BEST things about fgBrowser is: No need to shake your device to get to the functions.
Just use the built in GESTURES or touch with 3 fingers simultaneously!

To perform a 2 finger swipe you don't have to be fast or super kind... You only have to perform a swipe for about an half inch with 2 fingers. (see screenshot)
Important: Move your fingers this half inch parallel. Because otherwise it will be interpreted as "pinch zoom"! If you have any further question, go and visit my blog: matthiasgasser.blogspot.com feel free to post any inquiry there in the comments.


- fullscreen and snappier -> fast)
- no long time history, really private browsing with bookmarks
- several gestures with visual feedback
-> 2 finger swipe left: session history back
-> 2 finger swipe right: session history forward
-> 2 finger swipe up: disable/enable accelerometer (for your convenience in bed ;) )
-> 2 finger swipe down: bring up a menu with several options (add/remove bookmark, send link via email, open in safari, set as homepage)
- session history -> use gestures to navigate back and forward
- you may add bookmarks
- view them by date
- or view them by hit count
- fast edit mode
- displays favicons beside bookmark for to give you a stunning bookmark feeling
- real Google MOBILE Search. You see the results probably formatted for your iPhone.
- opens automatically your homepage (set via 2 finger swipe down gesture)
- email current page
- for your convenience: open in safari
- statusbar visible in bookmark view (for eg. time, batterie info, wireless status)
- styled program icon ;)
- no need for shaking your iPhone / iPod

- much more to come ...


Touch with 3 fingers anywhere at the screen to open the bookmark screen. There you may enter a url, start a google search. Or just tap on a site your favorite site. To add a bookmark use the 2 finger swipe down gesture and select "add to favs". If you like to remove a bookmark you may do so by using the swipe gesture again, or hit the edit button in the bookmark view.

Your bookmarks a sorted 2 different ways:

Hit - Count: Every time you visit a bookmark the hit-counter increases by one -> Ordered by hit-count -> Higher hit-counter on top
Date: Your bookmarks ordered by last access date/time.

For every visit the bookmark gets a higher rank in the "Hit Count" view.
You may view your visited pages historically by visit date. So you use the "Date" view.
I've you like certain websites you may add it to your "Favs" view either by using the "2-finger-swipe-down" gesture or you switch in the "Edit" mode and just tap on each page you like.

The date under the page title shows your very last visit date of the particular page. The number in the bracelets represents the hit-count

3 finger down: open bookmark and url / google screen
2 finger swipe left: go one page back
2 finger swipe right: go one page forward
2 finger swipe up: de- or activate the accelerometer (if you use the browser in a horizontal position)
2 finger swipe down: bring a action menu for the current page up (add to favs, email this page, open in safari, set as homepage)

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