Friday, December 17, 2010

Mobile websites issue!

The update introduced a misbehavior with some mobile sites... Sites like macrumors use some sort of forwarding to their mobile forum.. fgbrowser misintreprets those links as AppStore candidates and forwards the link to iOS, however it's of course only meaningfull regarding an AppStore app link. ( to bring up the AppStore )

I've already submitted a fix to Apple hope it's getting approved soon!

Seems like the version 4.2 has always some sort of shortcoming... iOS also hat a very short life on 4.2 and skipped somehow immediately to 4.2.1...

Again I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Thanks @ JN Gold for pointing this one out! (see for reference)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Big X-MAS Update!

Happy X-Mas trusty fgBrowsers!

Multitouch fgBrowser made a big leap forward, introducing:

  • one hand operation featuring one finger gestures

  • social network integration (Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr, Delicious, Google Reader, Instapaper, Read It Later, Pinboard)

  • Bug me not integration

  • Wikipedia integration

  • Search in Site

  • Translate Site**

  • Find similar Sites

  • Gesture Helper to train gestures

  • Print Page

  • Change User Agent! Pretend to be an Internet Explorer, or fake an Android or Nokia Mobile! *

* configurable @ general settings! Needs full app restart (I.e. multitasking close of app)
** set language @ general settings!

Don't wait get it now!

Merry X-Mas everyone!