Sunday, April 19, 2009

fgBrowser 2.0 is approved

Apple has just approved my "fgBrowser - multitouch fullscreen web browser" 2.0. and
"fgB Private Room - a multitouch fullscreen web browser".
I hope you enjoy the new features and improved speed. I've changed the name so everybody knows that they do not have to shake their lovely iPhones for fullscreen browsing.

Some people asked for a "private" one, and why there are 2 versions of fgBrowser:

So let me explain:
It is hard to make a private browser and a "history" able browser in one app. Not because it would be hard to code. Noo! It is hard because you (as a user) can't really distinguish if you are now surfing private or not.
So if you wan't to surf to some adult sites, just start fgB Private. For all other sites just use your normal fgBrowser!

so long.... spread the word :-)

Thank you for so many very good reviews. I wanna say thank you! You guys blown my mind away! There is also a review at a Swiss blog (in German language) :

I hope you spread the word, about a really handy gesture fullscreen browser, which replaces now for so many people around the world, after only 2 weeks in AppStore, the old "default" Safari.

The fgBrowser's philosophy:
"make things as fast as possible to use in a very convenient and cool way..."

I've prepared the next update (2.5) already. It features a "scroll to top" function like everybody knows of safari and speed improvements as well (again ;-) ).

cu :-)

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