Friday, March 26, 2010

Adult Content

Sometimes I get asked whats the big difference between both fgBrowser variants. So for today let us focus on the "Private fgBrowser"...

Unlike Safari and the non private fgBrowser - they automatically write a full history of your browsing habits- the "Private fgBrowser" does not....

It takes you even a big step further! It allows you to add pass-code protected bookmarks, and "freely" visible bookmarks to keep up a good charade. Quickly enter a 4 digit code to view your very own private bookmarks.

In the worst case scenario...e.g.. somebody enters the room you just have to hit the "home button" on your iPhone / iPod / iPad and it takes you back to the iPhones home screen. If you restart the private browser, it will just open your defined homepage.

3 fingers down: this one will bring up the bookmarksection.
2 fingers swipe left/right: previous page / next page (customizable @ general settings)
2 fingers up: lock the current orientation and disable autorotation!! hey with this one and the remember orientation setting you will make fgBrowser to act like a true widescreen browser automatically after startup! Try it!

2 fingers down: some features for the current open page: mail, set homepage, add to favs, open in safari

If activated (general settings)
Hit the top of the screen to scroll to the top of the current page.
Hit the bottom of the screen to scroll to the end of the current page!

The controls between fgBrowser and Private fgBrowser are very similar! Just try it!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2010

Dia Dhuit Dia Dhuit!

fgBrowser gets a minor update to 3.1.1 because of a bug with the javascript subsystem. And our lovely private version got updated to 3.0 with a fixed google search!

So again I wish you grateful Saint Patrick's Day! And stay tuned for Guiness and fgBrowser!

Slainte and Guid forder!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

long time no see

Hey there trusty fgBrowsers,

I had a very very arduous time the last half year. But as I got so many mails asking for an update... I couldn't resist. I've submitted an update to Apple:

- fixed google search (it was really time!)
- the "favs" tab bookmarks are now sortable
- email subject and body customizable via general preferences
- some bugfixes and improvements.

I'm still working on some new extra features.... I got many ideas and suggestions via email and I just wanna say: Thank you!

Take care,