Tuesday, April 7, 2009

fgBrowser - multitouch fullscreen webbrowser

It features a very fast user interface supported by several multitouch gestures.

Unlike other fullscreen browsers you DO NOT HAVE TO SHAKE your iPhone! (this is very convenient especially at public places or in bed beside your partner)


The whole user interface is optimized for a very fast and convenient browsing experience. It got innovative bookmark and history screens. The built in google search uses the mobile google search, unlike the safari which fires the desktop google site up.


"I tested all of the fullscreen browser, and I thought this one was the best. Simple Interface, fast operation, and responsive developer. I'm sticking with this one."

"Truly a groundbreaking browser! Great features"

"This has everything I've been looking for in a fullscreen browser! TRULY FULLSCREEN!! No stupid icon to click on to bring up the URL field. Very intuitive gesture commands, Accelerometer disable option!"

Thank you guys!


- saving pictures -> double tap on the image to zoom in and press "sleep/wake button" and home button together. You will see a short white flashing of the screen, and your image will be saved under the camera roll - snappier fullscreen browsing
- built in gestures
- 3 finger down: open up the URL, bookmark, history, Google screen
- 2 finger swipe left: history back (session history)
- 2 finger swipe right: history forward (session history)
- 2 finger swipe up: un/lock in the current orientation and enable/disable autorotation
- 2 finger swipe down: bring up a menu with:
-> add/remove bookmark, email this page, open in safari, reload

- scroll to top / bottom -> just tap on the top or the bottom of your screen
- force language of google search
- option to use as permanent landscape browser (just customize under the general settings)
- easy to view history, ordered by last visit date
- easy to view history, ordered by hit count
- easy to view bookmarks, ordered by hit count
- loading indicator in the lower right corner
- all entries EDITABLE
- all entries with that cute little FAVICONS (little icons most website have)
- built in "Mobile Google" search
- opens automatically your last site after reopening
- statusbar visible in bookmark view (for time, battery info, network status)
- memory saving browser, perfect companion for gaming
- Setting Pane (look under general settings, and below)


Touch with 3 fingers anywhere at the screen to open the bookmark screen. There you may enter a url, start a google search. Or just tap on a site your favorite site. There is no need to add a bookmark manually. Every page you surf to, shows automatically up.

For every visit the bookmark gets a higher rank in the "Hit Count" view.
You may view your visited pages historically by visit date. So you use the "Date" view. I've you like certain websites you may add it to your "Favs" view either by using the "2-finger-swipe-down" gesture or you switch in the "Edit" mode and just tap on each page you like. Fav-pages are shown bold in every view.

The date under the page title shows your very last visit date of the particular page.


you may enable the scroll to top / bottom feature, set a custom google search language, or enable / disable "remember last orientation" --> this feature allows you to use fgBrowser as a landscape browser. As it remembers your last orientation and autorotation state.
A short flashing lock / unlock icon informs you about the current setting (with the remember last orientation feature ON)


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