Sunday, May 31, 2009

Private Version 2.5 released.. Finally

After several e-mails and a phone call from the reviewer team, its finally available as an update in the AppStore.

So what's new:

- it got a readable name and a new discrete icon
- a pass-code protected bookmark section
- fast scroll to to / bottom (must be enabled under the general settings of your iphone, just scroll down until "multitouch")
- remember last orientation / autorotation lock -> Use it as an permanent widescreen browser for example...
- customize @ general setting
- flip the history back'n'forth gesture if you like
- Open a safari page in your private browser

Instructions how to setup your private fgBrowser bookmarklet:

manually install:

1.) Launch Mobile Safari (on your iPhone)
2.) Surf to "" and make a new bookmark of
3.) Go to your bookmarks, touch "edit" and touch on your newly created bookmark
4.) This will bring up the edit screen. Put there "private multitouch" as a title (this text is up to you)
5.) The very important part:
In the URL field type in exactly the next bold line


6) After that you may return to the bookmark screen
7) From now on, if you like to send an safari bookmark to fgBrowser, just surf to the site with safari, bring up the bookmark screen, and tap on "private multitouch"
8) This will close safari and brings up private multitouch - fgBrowser. If everything went OK you should see a short flashing "+ bookmark added" sign

As usual, if there any problems just send me an email.
greets :)

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