Thursday, June 18, 2009

[update - video review] fgBrowser 2.6 update still (still) pending

Josh a great fgBrowser supporter made a great video review for the pending 2.6 version:

Thank you!

Unfortunately Apples SDK and approval processes are against me. The 2.6 update of the normal fgBrowser is still pending. They also got several flaws which I have to find workarounds for it, to make an easer and faster and nicer to use webbrowser for the iPhone. I dream of the day when I touch a link in the mail app and fgBrowser opens. I'm currently in touch with the apple developer stuff to bring new features like AutoFill; Image Saving and many many (History Autocompletion -> search...) more to you! I don't give up, even if the way will be a very rocky one.

Hope 2.6 will be released soon. Until then, if there are any issues / comments about fgBrowser just write me


greets :)

Looking for instructions?

> fgBrowser INSTRUCTION <
> private fgBrowser INSTRUCTION <

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