Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hey there trusty fgBrowsers!!! I'm happy to announce, the private version of Multitouch is now a universal app for the iPhone and iPad!

Also coming with "High Res" Artwork for the iPhone4!!!!

The normal version is also updated with "High Res" and now available on the AppStore.

The visibility of the loading indicator is know improved (due a bug of the iPhone 4)

cya soon!


  1. When (will?) the normal version be available as a Universal app I can use on my iPad, I have the Private version but I actually like to use the history/bookmarks that are available in the normal version on my iPad.

    Seem's strange one is universal and one isn't...

  2. Hey Shane,

    I'm quite busy at the moment, but it will be soon available when the new iPad firmware is available.

    So stay tuned