Tuesday, June 29, 2010

iPad Issue; iPhone 4 Issue

I'm sorry to announce...
There are two big issues with the current selling fgBrowser versions.

First fgBrowser Private for the iPad... It crashes immediately. I submitted a new iPad release for Approval, please bare with me.

Second, any fgBrowser version for the new iPhone 4. The status indicator seems there to uses another implementation. See here [stackoverflow] for more details.

I've done a quick workaround to fix the usability, but in respect to look and feel, I'm not happy with my solution. I hope Apple will fix the UIActivityIndicatorView in there "Signaling update".

So again "stay tuned"...


  1. Is fgBrowser v4.0.1 run on iPAD ? I don't need the private browser, but fgBrowser doesn't seems to be IPAD compatible on iTunes.

  2. hey! Unfortunately it's not avail for the iPad. (except the private version)

    I hope I'll be able to make an universal release for both, but I want to do it the right way and therefore I still need to get an iPad for development. (The simulator unfortunately sucks, as it's unusable for multitouch gestures)

    The private version is just a quick build, unfortunately not taking advantage of the "big" screen.

    Thanks again for you interest! I'll update fgBrowser for iPad as soon as I have an iPad for testing...