Thursday, May 13, 2010

User interface - 3 finger down

Hey every new fgBrowser,

to access the favs and history, lay down 3 fingertips onto the screen...

Other gestures:

2 fingers parallel....

... bottom to top: lock or unlock screen autorotation (accelerometer)
... top to bottom: access a website based subcontent menu
- email this page (with preview image attached)
- add / remove to / from favs
- open in safari
- reload
... left to right or vice versa: navigate through current history (ie like clicking on the back and forth button in safari)

To save an image to the camera roll, just align the picture so it's fits your screen and press the "sleep/wake" and "home" button of your iPhone simultaneously. You will see a short flash and it will be saved in your camera roll...

Best greets,

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