Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hey there my trusty fgBrowser people.

Apple strikes again. After the missing YEN issue the private update (which is essential for a smooth 3.0 experience) got rejected, because I've rated it 4+. As a matter of nature, you are able to browse to any site you want with this browser. Even if you pull all restrictions on your iPhone up you'll be still able to browse even with Safari to any mature content site. So I didn't find a 17+ rating for Safari either.

As I do not control which sites people browse to I do not think the rating 17+ would be applicable to my fgBrowser.

The even bigger downside: I have to resubmit my browser again for reviewing. As I've learned from history, the reviewing process takes (since the 3.0 update) at least 3-4 weeks until you get the first notification of failure or success.

This is a bad'n'sad day in fgBrowser history, hope things will turn out soon, or Apple is just kidding and they make me a nice birthday present to me tomorrow!

I've submitted new fully 3.0 compliant versions of fgBrowser and private fgBrowser! After abig increase of speed, and the wiped away form bug and links not working bug (which was caused by they 2.0->3.0 iPhone OS update) there are some handy new features:

- send page link as email is now modal and contains a screenshot of the current page as attachment
- mailto: links will also work an utilize the new modal email feature
- delete history automatically after "x" days
- delete history once (without favs)
- delete all bookmarks (with favs)
- easier scroll to top/bottom function
- url / google keyboard closable

So I hope the whole review process is speeding up...
In the meantime,

Stay tuned ;)

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